Every blink of your eye, every twitch of your muscle, and every thought that runs through your mind, originates in your brain. Your brain is roughly 3 lbs in weight, yet is the most vital, complex, and important organ in your body. It controls your ability to think, talk, feel, hear, see, and even breathe. Yet for how important it is, it is also one of the most fragile organs in your body. In spite of the fact that your brain is suspended in your skull and surrounded by spinal fluid that acts as a cushion, it really doesn’t take a significant amount of force to cause an injury. Repeated injuries to the brain, especially in the form of concussions, such as those sustained in many sports that include, but is not limited to, American Football, Mixed Martial Arts, Boxing, and Extreme Sports such as snowboarding, windsurfing, and skateboarding. Sometimes these brain injuries go unnoticed at first, not allowing enough time for the brain to heal before the next head injury occurs again. Repeated brain injury can lead to long-term damage, and cause depression, mood swings, loss of interest in activities, sensory loss, severe memory impairment, tinnitus, speech problems, difficulty sleeping, impulsive behavior, frequent headaches, and fatigue/drowsiness, to name a few. As if this is not bad enough, your brain is also constantly being exposed to environmental toxins that affect your brain’s overall health, such as exhaust fumes, smoke from wildfires, cleaning chemicals, artificial food dyes and preservatives, pesticides, herbicides, polluted and tainted water, and heavy metals such as mercury and lead. This brings to the obvious conclusion that we must nurture and take care of our brains with the most advanced cognitive enhancing formulas available. Our newest patented formulas are designed to cover all aspects of brain health including restoration, repair, and recovery along with many other benefits to improve cognitive function. See our product details for more information!

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